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Curb Free with Cory Lee

Cory Lee, an avid traveler and wheelchair user has traveled to three different continents and explored countless cities throughout the world. If you are thinking of getting out of town for a while, you may want to follow Cory’s recommendations on some of the best wheelchair accessible tourist attractions around.

“Tourist attractions are becoming more accessible all the time."

Niagara Falls – get up close and personal to this awe-inspiring natural site, and stay at the wheelchair-friendly Niagara Falls Marriott.

If a theme park is on your bucket list, Cory recommends any of the international Disney locations including Disney World in Florida, and Disneyland in California. LEGOLAND, also in California, and Morgan’s Wonderland in Texas are also great choices.

“If you are lover of fine art, history, and the relics of cultures past and present, then perhaps a museum of worldwide prestige is what you are looking for when you go on vacation,” says Cory. He recommends the following museums:
– The Science Museum in London
– The Tate Modern Museum in London

– The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (enter at the 5th Avenue entrance for wheelchair accessibility)
– The Louvre in Paris (it has 20 wheelchair lifts!)

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