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Helsinki, Finland, is a beautiful city with much to explore and admire. One good way to explore this city is with a tour, as Cory did.

On the first day of his week-long trip, Cory embarked on a 4-hour city tour with Happy Guide Helsinki, a wheelchair-accessible city driving tour. The tour allowed Cory to visit various sights conveniently, and the van was equipped with a wheelchair lift for easy loading and unloading of the wheelchair at various pit stops. The energetic guide, Dani, also offered great information about the various attractions around the city.

“We saw all of the main sights and this tour gave us a chance to sort of figure out the layout of the city before embarking out on our own for the remainder of the week."

Some of Cory’s favorite sights around the city:

The Helsinki Cathedral: Cory’s first stop and it was the perfect start to the tour. “I had seen tons of pictures of the cathedral before going to Helsinki, but nothing could prepare me for the beauty of actually seeing it in person,” he says. Don’t be daunted by the long set of stairs to the cathedral; there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance at the back! 

Rock Church, or Temppeliaukio: “one of the most unique churches that [Cory has] ever seen.” The entrance is located on street level, so it is completely accessible for wheelchair users. While the church’s exterior may look unassuming, the interior is indeed a sight to behold. The walls are actual rocks, topped with a copper dome ceiling. “I was in there for about 20 minutes while rolling around the inside and trying to take it all in,” Cory muses. “Also, here’s a little fun fact – you can have a wedding, baptism, or funeral inside the Rock Church for free. Talk about a great backdrop!”

Uspenski Cathedral: The cathedral has a stunning and unique exterior, one made out of red brick. However, it is pretty difficult accessing the church as there are many stairs around the compound.

“But trust me, you need to at least drive by and see Uspenski from the outside. I would even argue that its exterior is prettier than all the other Helsinki churches.”

The Old Market Hall: “This might be the most authentic way to shop like a local,” says Cory. It is an indoor market selling local produce and fresh pastries. The market hall is wheelchair accessible and has wide aisles for easy maneuvering around. One of the treats Cory got was the Runeberg tart, a pastry exclusively sold during January and February.

Sibelius Monument: A popular landmark dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. As an homage to the renowned composer, this unique monument resembles organ pipes, and it is a sight not to be missed. 

This 4-hour tour gave Cory ample time to get around the city and soak in all it has to offer. There were other attractions Cory visited as well.

“What I loved about the tour was that it didn’t feel rushed at all. The guide allowed us to take our time admiring everything that the city offers, while telling us about the rich history of Finland.”

All in all, “it was the perfect introduction to the city.”

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