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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

“There are 10 million people in the UK with disabilities, and yet there still seems to be an issue in terms of accessibility for wheelchair users,” states Gina Kay Daniel. Gina writes a guest post for the travel blog Simply Emma where she shares some of the top destinations in the UK that are wheelchair accessible.

Caernarfon Castle, Wales

Caernarfon Castle, Wales

“I highly doubt that accessibility was considered when building an impenetrable fortress,” says Gina. However, over the years Caernarfon Castle has been adapted so that visitors with disabilities can have the chance to explore the ruins. A wheelchair ramp was built which provides access to all wards. Wheelchair users and their caregivers also get into the castle free of charge.

Chill Factore, Manchester

Gina was excited when she learned that Disability Snowsport UK provides skiing activities for people with disabilities. They provide the special equipment that helps protect those with disabilities while skiing. The establishment is located on the ground floor at the Chill Factore.

Science Museum, London

science museum in london

Gina states, “With large print, Braille and Makaton language material, the Museum is well known to help and aid those with communication disabilities.”

The Science Museum provides specialist accessible events. Gina suggests looking up the dates of events on the Museum’s website.

Guests with disabilities receive a discount for the ODEON cinema and their caregivers enter for free.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Gardens are fully wheelchair accessible. Scooters and wheelchairs are available throughout the gardens for visitors that need them.

“Throughout the gardens, you will also find regular places to sit in the shade, and water assistance checkpoints for those with guide and rehabilitation dogs. Any reception area found in the gardens also feature lowered counters, so those in wheelchairs can easily speak to a member of staff,” says Gina.

London Zoo

Gina states the 36 acres that the zoo covers is extremely accessible. She recommends booking a volunteer to escort you around the park. “With over 800 animals in the zoo, it’s such a great day out, and I’m so glad that it can be enjoyed by everyone,” she says.

Brighton Dome

The Brighton Dome is composed of three separate venues --- The Corn Exchange, Concert Hall, and Theater. Guests can enjoy film nights, art shows and comedy stand up evenings.

Gina says Brighton Dome was remodeled a number of years ago, and visitors with disabilities can now find accessible parking, lifts, and audio devices throughout the venue.

Giant’s Causeway, Portrush

Giant's Causeway, Portrush

Gina says Giant’s Causeway with 50,000 natural steps leading to the sea has become wheelchair accessible since it’s new ownership by The National Trust.

Bournemouth And Boscombe Beaches, Dorset

Gina credits the beaches with miles and miles of amazing photo opportunities. “If you are disabled and would like to visit the site, you can use the transport in the area for free, including the lifts to scale cliff edges,” she says.

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