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Emma Muldoon loves to travel. She was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses a power wheelchair. In 2017, Emma visited Barcelona, she shares her favorite places to visit in the city.

Gothic Quarter Tour

emma and tour guide in gothic quarter

The Gothic Quarter is also known as Barri Gotic and the Old City. Emma states it is a magical neighborhood that one must visit. She recommends starting your day with an accessible walking tour of the Gothic Quarter.

“This was without a doubt one of my favourite areas to explore. Bursting with culture, Roman architecture, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes made the Gothic Quarter the perfect place to stroll through day or night.”

Emma says despite the Gothic Quarter being the oldest part of Barcelona the pathways were very wheelchair accessible and she did not have any problems getting around.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

The next stop Emma suggests is the Barcelona Aquarium because it is not far from the Gothic Quarter. “We spent several hours wandering around the aquarium and it was a big hit with my nephew especially the shark tunnel and watching the penguins getting fed,” she says.

The aquarium is fully wheelchair accessible - even the kid’s submarine!

Sagrada Familia

architecture in Sagrada Familia

Emma says the Sagrada Familia is probably the most iconic and well-known building in Barcelona. Even though it is still under construction, Emma encourages her readers to take a tour of the building if they travel to the city. She states, “I recommend going inside to really see and appreciate this masterpiece up close. Also, check out the museum to find out more about Gaudi and the construction.”

Casa De Les Punxes

Casa de les punxes

The next place Emma recommends visiting is Casa De Les Punxes, also known as “The House of Spikes” for its spiky conical roofs. “This stunning large Gothic-like castle located on Barcelona’s widest avenue, the Avinguda Diagonal was home to the Terradas sisters in 1905 and is now open for guided visits,” she says.

There are interactive displays throughout the building which Emma says are a big hit for everyone!

The building is wheelchair accessible. However, Emma says the wheelchair lift was a little small, so she had to back on to it.

Nova Icària Beach

Emma on the beach in a beach wheelchair

Emma admits she has not traveled to the beach a lot because sand and her wheelchair do not go well together. She writes, “However, Barcelona has created a barrier-free solution to enable people with disabilities to enjoy a beach day just like everyone else.”

The Nova Icaria Beach offers beach wheelchairs. The lifeguards also offer free swimming lessons to people with disabilities. They will assist an individual in and out of the water and stay with them if assistance is needed.

“I’ll never forget that day at the beach as I got to bathe in the ocean and spend time with my family on the beach while my nephew played in the sand. Simple things to most people, but something I’ve never been able to do before. A magical moment I’ll never forget.”

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