A Waterpark for People with Disabilities? Yes, Please!

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Morgan’s Inspiration Island is largely reminiscent of a tropical resort, offering six major rides and large spaces equipped with geysers, water cannons, and rain showers for a fun-induced day out with the family. It is also the world’s first waterpark built for people with disabilities.

a wheelchair user enjoys an accessible water park

Not only is the waterpark wheelchair accessible, its rides are also wheelchair-adapted to ensure each child has the opportunity to fully enjoy the activities. Besides that, the waterpark also offers each child a waterproof bracelet with a GPS tracking system for parents and carers to easily follow and find their children.

Part of the waterpark’s careful attention to the needs of each child is also reflected in its provision of private, quiet areas for children who need a respite from the constant noise and activity.

“Our goal is to give all guests a good experience in a welcoming, safe, comfortable and not too crowded environment.” – Gordon Hartman, founder of Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

guests enjoy a wheelchair accessible waterpark

In addition, the waterpark is heavily focused on quality assurance. Playing its part towards water conservation, Morgan’s Inspiration Island continuously filters and recycles water to ensure the best water quality for its visitors.

With its mission in ensuring all children receive the fun they deserve, it is no wonder that Morgan’s Inspiration Island is considered the world’s first inclusive waterpark.

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