Visiting Cape Town, South Africa In A Wheelchair

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Rida Desai is a self-proclaimed disability activist by day and a social butterfly by night. He lives in South Africa and has traveled all over the beautiful country. He states that Cape Town, South Africa is his backdrop and launching pad for every mission he conquers.

Picture of Rida in front of stone ledge in Cape Town

Rida shares three destinations to visit in Cape Town. He also gives some accessibility tips for wheelchair users.

Table Mountain

Rida suggests taking a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain because of the many viewpoints of the beautiful surroundings.

“Take a cable car up to the top and see the entire area from the beautiful city bowl to the vast cape flats. The view from above is spectacular, to say the least,” he says.

Rida continues to say getting your wheelchair up the mountain is a breeze, but he recommends you get assistance at the top due to the rocky terrain. He says the rocky paths that are not level are ideal for a motorized chair, but assistance may be required.

Botanical Gardens

There are world renowned botanical gardens that lay on the Constantia side of Table Mountain. Rida suggests visiting the gardens as a day trip with your family. Rida states the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens wins the Chelsea Flower Show for most years.  However, he says manual wheelchairs would require assistance and access to the entire garden is not possible but certain areas do cater.

Cape Point

“While visiting the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, It’s very evident that just a drive along the beach fronts and to Cape Point is more than just satisfaction,” says Rida. One can go on a group tour which happens daily. At Cape Town, it is possible to see where the Indian meets the Atlantic oceans.

Rida states the Camps Bay Beach is ideal for wheelchair users because the grass banks and walkways allow for easy access.

Rida gives some advice for traveling and accessibility in Cape Town at the end of his post. So be sure to check out the original post!

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