Visiting Bratislava, Slovakia In A Wheelchair

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Do you have plans to embark on a European vacation? If Slovakia is on your list of countries to visit, Joseph, a wheelchair user, has a few pointers on navigating the city of Bratislava.

“It’s pretty accessible here. Some of the roads are brick, and some of the brick roads have large gaps between them, so those are tough.” But he says that most of the roads and sidewalks are relatively smooth and should not pose a problem for a wheelchair.

While many buildings offer no step (or a small step that a wheelchair can typically go over), or ramps to enter them, some buildings in Bratislava are just not wheelchair accessible. Joseph recalls visiting a post office that had multiple steps at the entrance and no ramp or lift. Since there was no way his wheelchair was going to get up those steps, Joseph’s girlfriend handled mailing the postcards while they were in the city.

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