Using an Escalator with a Wheelchair

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Have you ever been wheeling yourself to your gate in an airport and find yourself face to face with an escalator? What do you do? Do you find and wait for an elevator? Or do you wheel aboard and take the moving staircase to your destination?

“This is usually quicker than waiting for an elevator.”

Joseph, a paraplegic, is a seasoned traveler and is accustomed to taking the escalator in his wheelchair. On the trip up, Joseph wheels onto the escalator and uses his hands to firmly grip the railings. Then on the way down, Joseph enters the escalator backward, and once again grasps the railings tightly in order to prevent himself from falling backward.

Watch as Joseph demonstrates his techniques.



Keep in mind that taking the escalator in a wheelchair can be tricky. It might be a good idea to have someone ride behind you until you are confident enough to try it solo!

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