Transferring From Power Wheelchair To Manual Wheelchair At Airport

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Jan is a power wheelchair user who has spinal muscular atrophy. Jan enjoys traveling. He shares his travel adventures on his YouTube channel (Wheelchair Thailand) to show other people with disabilities what all can be experienced when you leave your comfort zone.

Jan shares a video showing how the staff at an airport assist him in transferring from his power wheelchair to a manual wheelchair.

Jan parks his power chair parallel to his manual chair for a smooth transfer. To begin the transfer, Hanneke (Jan's travel companion) unbuckles Jan’s seatbelt and adjusts his body so he is in an upright position. Hanneke removes the armrest of Jan’s power wheelchair that is closest to his manual chair.

Airport staff then assists by lifting Jan into his manual chair. A male employee wraps his arms around Jan’s chest, while another female employee crosses Jan’s hands for him, securing them underneath the male employee’s hand. After securing Jan's hands, the female employee lifts Jan’s legs by wrapping her arms around his knees. Ready to transfer Jan's into his manual wheelchair, the two employees make sure they are synchronized, and then swiftly move Jan’s body into his manual chair.

The airport staff makes transferring Jan look easy! Do you have any experience with flying? Share your story with us at!

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