Tips For Riding Amtrak In A Wheelchair

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“Taking the train when you use a wheelchair is not hard to do.” 

Arrive Early: This is a common tip for wheelchair users regardless what mode of travel you choose. Train stations have plenty of places to eat or relax if you find yourself with time to spare before boarding.

Red Cap Assistance: “When it’s close to the time for your train to arrive, a red cap will help you get down to the track.” The attendant will provide a ramp that spans the gap between the platform and train. This will make it easy and safe for you to wheel aboard the train.

Transfer or Not – It’s Your Choice: “When you ride the train in a wheelchair, you will be given a seat in the first row in coach.” At this point you can transfer to the train seat, or you can stay in your chair – do whatever works for you.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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