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Emma Muldoon, a wheelchair user, loves to travel and venture to new areas. But, she also enjoys hanging around her hometown and embracing all it has to offer. She gives five tips to being a tourist in your hometown.

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“Being a tourist in your hometown is a great way to see it from a whole new perspective. We are so used to going about our daily routines that we become unaware of what’s actually around us. Always wishing to go on that perfect holiday to escape the daily grind that we forget to notice and appreciate the little things that are right on our doorsteps.”

Plan It Out

Emma’s first tip is to plan out your destination. She recommends using websites that will help you find accessible attractions, restaurants, etc. “The more arrangements you have in place, the more relaxed you’ll be, and fun you’ll have,” says Emma.

Take A Tour

One of the things Emma usually does while on a holiday is to take a tour of the city. So she asks the question, “If you take a tour on holiday, why not take one in your hometown?” This can either be a walking or bus tour of your town. Emma feels a bus tour is easier for wheelchair users. She admits that after taking a tour of her hometown she learned several new things about the city.

Go See A Show

Emma enjoys going to see a show when she visits new cities. She realized she could do this in her own hometown, so she started searching for plays, musicals, and movies to see. “Now I check the listings in my local town hall and theatres for musicals, plays, and comedy shows. If it’s good enough for tourists visiting your hometown then it’s good enough for you and me,” says Emma.

Have A Beach Day

If you live in an area close to the beach, like Emma, she suggests having a beach day. The sand is not always ideal for wheelchair users. However, most beaches usually have a beach wheelchair available.

Visit The Park

Emma says she loves to escape city life and head to the quiet and relaxing environment of the park. She loves to “unwind with nature before hitting the next biggest tourist attraction.” Emma suggests going to the park and reading a book, study your tourist map, read up on local history or have a picnic in the park.

Emma says, “Go out and explore your hometown with an open mind!”

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