Three Wheelchair Accessible Must Visit Attractions In Nassau, Bahamas

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Whitney Bailey
Content via Curb Free with Cory Lee
Curb Free with Cory Lee
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Cory Lee, a wheelchair user with spinal muscular atrophy, first visited Nassau, Bahamas when he was fifteen years old, and says he immediately fell in love with the Caribbean paradise. Cory has since traveled to the Bahamas two more times. He states Nassau, Bahamas is mostly wheelchair accessible. Cory gives his top three must-do things while in the Bahamas.

Cory and his mom in the Bahamas

Atlantis Resort

Cory with his family at Atlantis

Atlantis Resort is located on Paradise Island which is a fifteen-minute drive from the Nassau cruise port. Cory states that he has never had a problem getting a wheelchair accessible taxi to visit the resort. There has always been a wheelchair accessible van available without having to book one in advance.

“Once you make it over to the Atlantis, you are truly in for an awesome experience. There is a huge water fountain upon pulling in that is composed of golden horses, exuding elegance immediately,” says Cory.  While it is free to visit Atlantis there are areas that are only for guests staying at the resort. But Cory says you can purchase a day pass that will give you access to the aquarium and water park. Cory states the water park is not very wheelchair accessible, but the pass is worth it to visit the aquarium and other areas.

Cory recommends visiting all of Atlantis including the casino, boutiques, souvenir shops and eateries.

The Straw Market

“Even though navigating the thin aisles of the Straw Market can be extremely challenging in a wheelchair, I always make sure to visit,” says Cory. The Straw Market is the place to visit if you are looking for souvenirs. According to Cory the handmade straw purses and fans are the coolest and most unique souvenirs one can buy.

Señor Frog's

Señor Frog's is Cory’s favorite restaurant to dine at while in the Bahamas. “It's an open air restaurant, bar and souvenir shop that sits right by the crystal clear water and within walking distance of the cruise port,” says Cory. Cory refers to Señor Frog's as one of the more “crunk” places. During the day it is more of a family-friendly restaurant. But, at night it turns into a club atmosphere with a DJ. “The whole environment is wildly fun and aside from the vast selection of great drinks, they also have good food.”

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