Three Tips For Traveling As A Person With A Disability

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Fiona Gosden, an extensive traveler, wheelchair user, and Disability Specialist at has put together useful tips for what she refers to as “traveling without limits.”

Research Before Booking

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Fiona advises organizing adaptations for your needs. By doing so, you are ensuring you'll endure a positive hassle-free vacation. For example, when booking near the beach, make sure the boardwalk, surrounding restaurants & excursions are accessible so you're not confined. Also, Fiona says, don't assume an entire place or activity is ruled out based on accessibility, some places can surprise you. Do your homework.

"Accessible Rooms" Aren't Always Accessible

Arriving at a hotel and realizing your chair doesn't even fit through the door can jostle your happy vacation mood, putting added stress on what's supposed to be your relaxing break. Fiona suggests making your getaway plans through an accessible travel specialist who offers guaranteed accessible accommodations.

Be Optimistic About Traveling

“In the past I’ve found it easy to slip into the mindset of ‘that kind of holiday might not be suitable for me’. My advice would be to not give up on your dream holiday,” says Fiona. Experiences such as skiing, scuba diving, or any kind of adventure can be made possible with adaptations suited for your individual needs.

Ready to start booking your dream getaway? Share with your travel pal and get to booking.

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