Things To Do While Visiting Taipei, Taiwan

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One wheelchair user shares their experience visiting Taipei, Taiwan.

Picture of night life shopping center in Taipei

Accessibility Of Streets

The writer states the accessibility of the streets in Taipei are manageable, but not ideal. For example, there may not be curb cuts or they may be very steep. The sidewalks are varying heights which is not ideal for wheelchair users.

However, the writer says that the Taipei subway system is accessible and goes pretty much everywhere. Some subway stops do not have an elevator, but there is a robotic chair available that you can board to climb stairs.

Things To Do

There are different shopping centers in Taipei. The writer suggests visiting the mainstream mall Taipei 101 for high-end goods, or the Shilin night market for street food and more budget-conscious shopping.

The writer recommends visiting Danshui, a wharf just outside Taipei. Danshui can be reached by taking the MRT.

Taipei also has national museums like Sun Yat Sun and Chiang Kai Shek memorials. The writer says on a previous trip they visited the National Palace Museum which is world famous for having a huge collection of Chinese artifacts. Many of the artifacts were taken by Chiang Kai Shek when he fled from China to Taiwan.

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