Sand, Sun, and Sea: A Beach Day Can be a Reality on Wheels

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For wheelchair users, a day of sun, sand, and sea can seem like a fantasy at best or a more work than it’s worth. Beach wheelchairs are a game changers getting users off the boardwalk and building sandcastles. Beach wheelchairs with balloon-like tires have been around for two decades however, they required an additional person to push the chair.

manual beach wheelchair
Beach Powered Mobility

Recently, beach power chairs with balloon-like tires allow the users to travel over sand independently at the move of a joystick.

Where to Find Them

Seven beaches in San Diego offer free power beach wheelchairs. These are generally accessible from flat and paved boardwalk and cover 20 miles of beaches. Other beaches with free beach wheelchairs include Virginia BeachNarragansett, Rhode IslandClearwater, Florida, several state beaches in Florida, and dozens along California’s coast. If your state isn’t listed, contact your local state park to determine beach wheelchair availability.

power beach wheelchair
Illustrative photo | Beach Powered Mobility

Gone are the days when using a wheelchair meant being boardwalk bound. Get into a beach wheelchair and onto the beach.

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