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If you are interested in visiting the African safari, why not check out Naenda Safars and Tours in Moshi, Tanzania? Although Africa is usually dismissed as a tourist destination for people with disabilities due to the lack of cultural understanding and difficult terrain, organisations such as Naenda Safars and Tours have been actively trying to make Africa a more inclusive vacation spot.


a wheelchair going up a ramp into a van with 3 men standing nearby

Naenda Safars and Tours operates on a belief that regardless of an individual’s ability, the beauty of African wildlife should be accessible to all, and they strive to offer an opportunity for everyone to go on a safari. They provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles and highly experienced and trained drivers and guides to ensure an unforgettable safari trip for all in Tanzania. They also work to promote cultural exchange by bringing guests to the village to experience a part of the African lifestyle.

Not only is the company committed in supporting inclusion not just for tourists, but also for the African community as well. Profits from the tours are directed towards creating a supportive and inclusive system for families with disabilities in Moshi. They also have programs that connect outreach workers with African families to provide support and training.

Social enterprises like Naenda Safars and Tours aim to create a more inclusive society for the local community and tourists that affords opportunities for all, so that everyone can proudly announce “Naenda!” which means “I am going” in Swahili.

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