Resort Wear For Ladies On Wheels

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Brittany Déjean
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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

If you are planning a getaway at a resort during the warmer months of the year, here are some great women’s fashion tips for wheelchair users.



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Packing swimwear is a must for any resort vacation. Wheelchair user Louise Sertsis recommends a tankini style swimsuit. “A tankini has the style of a one piece swimsuit, accentuates my body, and yet consists of two pieces,” shares Louise. Plus, a tankini makes bathroom trips easier in that you don’t have to completely undress.

Pair your swimsuit with a coordinating sarong for some extra coverage. A sarong is a great option for a wheelchair user “because when you are sitting, you can cheat and drape over your legs instead of wrapping around.”

Casual/Day Wear

Here’s what Louise recommends for casual/day time wear: “When you spend most of your time sitting– focus on changing your tops as much as you can!” If you plan to stay a week at your destination, Louise suggests packing one top for each day and pairing them with 2-3 bottoms, be it shorts, skirts, or lightweight pants.

Evening Wear

Louise considers a long skirt a must-have garment for resort evenings. Pair it with a fancy top, and you’ve got a perfect night-time outfit. “2-3 long skirts would be a great addition to your evening wardrobe,” shares Louise. “You will not feel overdressed and it will be just enough to feel well dressed.”

If you want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, tops or skirts with gold or silver embellishments are a great place to start.

“Another versatile option is a maxi dress,” suggests Louise. “Pair it with casual sandals during the day for shopping and excursions, then you can dress it up in the evenings with dressier accessories.”

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