Pros and Cons of Traveling to Portugal in a Wheelchair

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Man in power wheelchair outdoors in Portugal

During a road trip, avid traveler, Srin Madipalli stopped off at two cities in picturesque Portugal: Porto and Lisbon. His experience with wheelchair accessibility in both cities was very similar, and he’s shared the pros and cons of getting around them on wheels.

Pros of traveling to Portugal:

Breathtaking views and splendid architecture can be found abundantly in both cities. And taking in these scenes during the warmer months makes them even more enjoyable.

“Finding accessible hotels with roll-in showers was easy and cheap!”

He stayed at the Bessa Hotel in Porto and the Ibis Alfragide in Lisbon. He makes note though, that the hotels were located about 20 minutes from the city centres. In addition, most buses in the two cities were accessible, and there were lots of curb drop-downs located throughout the cities.

Cons of traveling to Portugal:

Cobblestone streets made getting around on wheels a chore, as did the hills and steep slopes offered by both cities. Also, Srin recommends traveling with lightweight portable ramps if possible.

“In both cities, the number of amenities that are 100% step free are few and far between. While beautiful cities, this fact was quite annoying, so just be prepared.”

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