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“It’s hard enough walking around on the beach, pushing a wheelchair forget about it!” says Richard from Wheels2Walking. He recently traveled to Miami Beach and shares how he was able to trade in his manual wheelchair for a powered beach mobility wheelchair for the day.

“You know, there’s a lot of limiting beliefs that we tend to put on ourselves and a lot of limiting beliefs that we have around our wheelchairs but the truth is there is a lot of other people out there who have had these similar challenges before and have thought about solutions,” says Richard. One such solution to being able to roll on the beach independently is provided for free at Miami beach - a powered beach wheelchair!

Richard reminds his viewers that solutions that people come up with (such as a power beach wheelchair) may not be provided everywhere and they may not be free services. However, the power beach wheelchair service in Miami Beach is free.

Jump to 1:36 of Richard’s video and he gives the location of where to find the power wheelchair. He states all you have to do is give the staff your ID and they will bring out the power wheelchair to swap with your wheelchair. Richard interviews an employee and she tells all about the service.

Watch the rest of the video as Richard rolls all around the sand and does some cool tricks!

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