Options For Getting To The Airport

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Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Oftentimes getting to the airport can be a hassle, particularly if you are a wheelchair user.

Options to consider when traveling to the airport in a wheelchair: 

Public Transportation: Public transportation is often a great choice for getting to the airport because accessible transport is widely available. But something to keep in mind: public transportation employees with help you (and your luggage) get both on and off the transport, but after that, you’ll be on your own. So if you plan to have more luggage than you can manage on your own, you may want to look into other transportation options.

Self-Driving and Self-Parking: If you plan to drive yourself to the airport, there are several options for parking including parking garages and airport lots. There’s pros and cons to each. For example, a parking garage offers an enclosed place to park your vehicle, but accessible spots are limited, and these are often occupied unless you plan to get to the garage in the early morning. Airport lots don’t offer covered protection for your vehicle, but most have accessible shuttles that will take you to the terminal.

Shuttle and Valet Services: If you want convenience (which will cost more $$), consider arranging for an accessible shuttle or taxi to pick you up from your home and take you directly to the airport. Or if you want to drive but don’t want to deal with parking issues, consider a valet service near the airport.

As with any travel situation, planning ahead will help make things easier. So research your options to find out which is right for you.

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