No Titanic Task: Cruising Offers Disabled Travelers a World of Amenities at Their Fingertips

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Desperate to get away, but the thought of planning a vacation sends you speeding back to your cubicle before you can say ‘brochure’?

Escaping your daily grind can be stress free through the magic of cruising. From world class entertainment to a wide variety of cuisines, everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips without having to book, plan or strategize how they are going to happen. For those of us with mobility impairments, cruising gives us an opportunity travel to faraway places without coordinating trains, planes, and (wait for it) automobiles.

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While time on the ship puts a world of amenities within easy reach, travelers aren’t limited to it. Check when booking or with the ship’s excursion desk to see which ports and excursions are accessible and suitable for you based on your abilities and preferred level of exertion.

Specifically picking a disability-friendly cruise line means that the ships are usually equipped with automatic doors, larger elevators, pool hoists, lowered tables and will accept service dogs with prior notice. Be aware that while the crew is trained to assist you and ensure that your time aboard is stress free, that they cannot help with personal care.                     

Steps for Successful Cruising

  • Booking early means you have the best chance of getting the accommodations you need.
  • Inform the cruise line if you use a scooter or a larger-than-average wheelchair to see if you’ll require a larger room or if it’s possible to bring onboard at all.
  • Check with the cruise line or your travel agent to see if they have guides and brochures tailored to people with disabilities that will alert you to anything critical to be on top of.
  • Fill out the cruise lines’ medical form as fully and accurately as possible to ensure that you get the support you need for a great trip.

While not everyone lives within driving distance of a port, cruising offers travelers the ability to pick where they want to go with minimal effort to get there.

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