Never Turn Down An Opportunity To Travel

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“What do I do for fun socially?—just about any thing and everything."

Ginger has been a quadriplegic since the age of 44. Although she has lots of interests, travel is her way to get outdoors and be in nature. Whether it’s domestically or international, she’s game.

“I’ve been to Africa on safari; I’ve been to Indonesia; I have been to Europe a number of times; I’ve taken a cruise to Alaska and to the, I took my kids on a cruise to the Mediterranean."

Even though her family had to haul her up plenty of steps in Santorini, she’s not one to turn down an opportunity. “I just say, ‘Let’s go’,” she shares. If you have a travel itch like Ginger, it make take extra planning, but there is plenty of information to build the trip of your dreams.

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