Man Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy Starts Travel Agency

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Angus Drummond has always had a passion for traveling. At the age of 23, Angus was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy. Coming to terms with his new diagnosis, Angus wanted to continue to do what he loved - travel the world.

angus in canoe

"Over the next year, I really struggled to accept my diagnosis and no longer felt like myself. After a number of internal battles, I decided that I just wanted to get away and do what I love – I wanted to travel.”

Angus and his partner Lucy quit their jobs and set off on an adventure. They bought a one-way ticket to Argentina. Within the next year, the couple traveled to South America visiting the Atacama Desert, Iguazu Falls, Salar de Uyuni (the Bolivian salt flats) and Machu Picchu. They spent time in Brazil and Colombia and trekked the Amazon Rainforest and visited the Galapagos Islands.

angus and lucy in machu picchu

Angus and Lucy ventured to South East Asia – Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka. Angus surprised Lucy at the end of the trip by asking for her hand in marriage.

"(The trip) gave me the time I needed to come to terms with my condition, its implications and face up to the problems that were slowly encroaching on my everyday life."

Angus’s mobility started to decline during the trip. He states, "I became increasingly nervous about going to new places. I struggled to find information for people with disabilities who wanted to travel and I had no idea about what to expect and no idea who would support me. The mainstream travel companies were reasonably useless and the information that did exist was dated, uninspiring and 'medicalised'. It felt disabled by its very nature.”

"Until now, my experience of travel had been liberating – it shouldn’t be stressful. But as my condition worsened, I began to understand that for those with a disability, travel was a hassle.”

Angus chose to return to his job as an investment banker. Angus began a travel agency for people with disabilities called Limitless Travel. “I was going to use my experiences to make sure that all people with disabilities could travel without worry, without stress, and without hassle," he says.

“For me, the people I wanted to help the most were those that either stopped travelling, or had never felt able to travel because of their disability. It was a problem that I wanted to solve. Everyone should be able to experience the freedom and wonder afforded by travel.”

Limitless Travel offers a range of tours all over the United Kingdom with hopes to expand in the Future. Angus says, “I wanted to create a travel company for people with disabilities, run by people with disabilities, and to revolutionise the sector."

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