How To Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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If you’re traveling to a destination where you’ll need temporary transportation, you may want to consider renting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. But before you do, here’s some topics you’ll want to know more about as recommended by MobilityWorks, a leading dealer in accessible vehicles.

General Questions for the Dealership


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You’ll want to ask how many accessible vehicles the dealer has in their fleet. If you have a problem, you’ll want to be sure there is a backup available. You’ll also want to get specifics on what to do if indeed you do have a problem with your rental. Is there a 24-hour emergency phone number you can call? What about emergency maintenance? Lastly, ask about vehicle delivery as many dealerships offer this service.

Ask About Vehicle Specifics

You will definitely want to ask about the age of the vehicle. Older vehicles may not have the same updated amenities as newer ones. You’ll also want to ask about what size wheelchair the vehicle can accommodate. Have the dimensions of your chair available to make sure it will fit inside the vehicle without any problems.

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to know if the ramp is manual or automatic. And getting this information in writing is a good idea so there are no surprises once you actually see the vehicle. Also ask if it is a side or rear-entry ramp.

What about hand controls and transfer seats? If you need them, be sure to specifically ask about them because not all wheelchair-accessible vehicles come equipped with them, but they often can be added on.

Once you’ve got all your questions answered and are satisfied, book your accessible vehicle and enjoy your vacation. 

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