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The idea of hailing a taxi and riding public transport from a wheelchair can be daunting, but Frank, a paraplegic from Philadelphia, gives some great insights on what to expect if you’re out on your own. 

Hailing a taxi in a wheelchair

“Sit in the front seat of the cab,” he shares. “It makes it much much easier.” Front seats have much more space than the back seats, so you will be able to have a much easier transfer. Worried about your wheelchair? The cab driver will usually help you break it down and put it in the trunk and even put it back together when you arrive at your destination.

Navigating public transport in a wheelchair

Jump to 1:40 to see how he works public transport. Once he gets his tokens, he’s off to the bus stop. He uses SEPTA, the public transport system in Philadelphia, which has accessible buses. A ramp goes to the curb to allow Frank to wheel in the bus, while the driver folds up seats to give him space. She then straps him into the cords available for the safety of the passenger. Once he gets to his stop, he’s unhooked from the straps and is off!

Frank has other tips for getting out in your community (and shopping), so don't miss it!

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