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Joseph Monteforte, a T10 paraplegic, shares his experience traveling on a 12 day Royal Caribbean Cruise to Puerto Rico, Barbados, Martinique, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.

Picture of John in front of cruise ship.

“Cruising is the most accessible vacation for anyone in a wheelchair The newest ships are bigger and better offering many opportunities for the wheelchair traveler.”


Joseph states booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean is an easy process. “All you do is request a handicap room and fill out an ADA form,” he says. From the website one can have a choice of cabins and decide the location of the cabin. Joseph prefers the Balcony rooms and says they are all accessible for manual and power wheelchairs.

Getting Around

“The bigger the ship, the easier it is for any wheelchair user,” says Joseph. The bigger ships are easier to navigate and offer many ADA ramps as well as lifts for the pool. He states while some areas of the sports center are not accessible, the workout gym is accessible for wheelchair users. The bigger ships also have more elevators which benefit wheelchair users making it easier to get around.


Joseph says the dining options on for Royal Caribbean are very accessible. He requests a table in the front entrance to make it easier to get in and out of the establishment. “Dining is very accessible but I do request a table by the front entrance. It makes it easy for me to get in and out. It is also nice to be out of the way instead of the middle section of the room. All I do is request a table early that day and they will have it ready,” says Joseph.

On Board Activities

All of the activities on board are accessible. The shows have seating in the back for wheelchair users and a guest. Joseph talks about a memorable activity on the cruise ship in which he got to experience indoor skydiving. “Your body floats and flies giving you the biggest adrenaline rush. It is a great adventure for the handicap and physically challenged person...I highly recommend this adventure to all.”

Shore Excursions

Joseph always does research before going on a cruise about what all activities can be done in a wheelchair once arriving at the destination. He gives some tour highlights of every place he visited in his original post, including an accessible island tour and an accessible beach excursion, be sure to check it out!

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