Flying With A Wheelchair: Know Your Rights

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“Flying has become one of the greatest dangers to wheelchairs for spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors,” says Tiffiny Carlson, who is a quadriplegic and blogger for The mistreatment of passengers with disabilities and their medical equipment has become a hot topic in the news and social media. Tiffiny discusses some of the laws that aim to protect passengers with disabilities when flying, and how people with disabilities can provoke change against discrimination.

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“The time has finally come for travelers who are fed up with the constant battering of their wheelchairs to demand change.”

Tiffiny shares information about the Air Carrier Access Act which was passed in 1986. She says the bill had intentions to make air travel more accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. The bill was passed by Congress and became a law. “This law guarantees people with disabilities are treated fairly while traveling by air, and it requires airlines to fully accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities,” says Tiffiny.

However, the language of the law is very broad. Therefore, the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act of 2017 has been introduced. Tiffiny states the act “aims to clean up the mess that continues to occur within the airline industry.”

Tiffiny suggests taking your issues with flying to social media to reach a broader audience and impact change.

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