Finding Creative Solutions to Frustrating Problems

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All Maria wanted to do was take a shower, but that turned out to be more complicated than she realized.

She asked for a shower bench to be delivered to her room, but found it left outside the door. “And now, I, all by myself, am going to try to bring it, not just inside, but into the bathtub,” she declares. Once she wishes for luck, she slowly but surely manages to get the bench into the tub. It was easier than she thought!

However that’s not the last frustrating situation. She also then has to tackle the challenge of reaching the towels that seem to always be placed way high up in standard hotels and keeping them from getting wet. Her solution? “Let’s see if a coat hanger will do the trick,” she shares. Sliding the coat hanger through the slots in the rack, she’s able to work the towels off until then fall into the (still dry) tub. She gets the final towel down to the backdrop of her friend’s applause. “Independence my friends,” Maria declares, coat hanger in hand.

Travel can be overwhelming, especially when you’re outside of you’re own routines. Remember that even though something might be frustrating, find ways to work around it.

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