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quadriplegic mom, her husband and their daughter posing with Winnie The Pooh

Colby, her husband, and their children, took a trip down to the magical world of Disney in Florida. Though Colby had previously worked at Disney World, she had not yet been there as a wheelchair user, and was anxious to see how Disney could accommodate her now. For their trip, they bought a three-day Park Hopper Pass to experience the delights Disney had to offer. 

Colby and her family had an amazing time, and she observed that Disney provides many accessible features and facilities.

For example, if you are staying at a Walt Disney Resort, there will be buses transporting you to any of the Disney attractions available such as the Disney Theme Park, Disney Water Park, and Downtown Disney. Every bus also has a wheelchair lift.

Accessible Rides and Attractions at the Disney Theme Park

The River Boat and Monorail, which you must take upon entering Magic Kingdom, are both wheelchair accessible. However, be advised of the steep hills you may encounter to board both the boat and the monorail. Many of the rides in the Magic Kingdom have ramps that fold down, and you can be assured that the friendly Disney crew members will be more than happy to help you on and off the rides!

There are also a couple attractions that require you to transfer out of a wheelchair in order to experience them. These are the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Shows in the Magic Kingdom, such as the Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, and Jungle Ride, to name a few, also have special seating for wheelchair users. Other parks such as the Hollywood Studios offer shows with accessible seating as well.

Adding to the list of many ‘firsts’ Colby experienced during her time at Disney, she also had her first flat tire on her wheelchair. A quick call to Maddens Wheelchair Repair promptly solved her problem, and she could resume her fun at Disney.

Colby also recommends getting Fast Passes to enjoy a shorter waiting time for rides and attractions: “Fast passes are a great way to get past the line and not have to wait especially if you’ve gone on a day that it’s extremely hot or extremely cold and your having temperature regulation problems,” Colby shares.

Impressed with her experience at Disney, Colby and her family became Annual Pass Holders, and she hopes that everyone who visits it can similarly enjoy the magic of Disney.

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