Exploring Copenhagen by Wheelchair

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“I always wanted to go to a Scandinavian country because I heard how nice their cities were,” writes Grace upon deciding to visit Copenhagen, Denmark. Grace had heard that the city was clean, full of friendly people, and filled with great architectural design. Plus, Grace discovered something else great about Copenhagen:

“It’s a flat city making it perfect for those who use wheelchairs.”


a woman in a manual wheelchair on a path

Grace used the Metro system for much of her transportation around the city. “The train comes right to the platform with no step or gap,” she shares. Also, most stations have elevators.

Like most European cities, cobblestones are commonplace, though the sidewalks in Copenhagen are relatively flat. One thing to watch out for are the drains in the sidewalks.

“The one annoying thing is there are like upside down speed bumps on the sidewalks. These are drains. You can get over it easy enough in the chair, but just causes a little bump."

When it comes to eating out at a restaurant, Grace says that most establishments have at least one step. For her and her manual wheelchair, this really wasn’t a problem. But power wheelchair users might not be able to get inside. Also, most restaurants do not have an accessible restroom. Here’s what Grace suggests:

“One perk would be to also go in the summer when all the restaurants have tables outside. I recommend booking a hotel downtown to always have the option to head back there for a bathroom break.”

In the central part of Copenhagen is one of the most famous landmarks of the city: The Round Tower. It has an accessible ramp that wheelchair users can traverse almost all the way to the top. “The ramp is pretty steep,” says Grace, “but if you have someone helping push or a power chair it should be fine.” And as a plus, there’s an accessible restroom in this attraction!

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