Considering Transport, Accommodations and Attractions Before Your Trip

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Carrie-Ann Lightley is a wheelchair user who works for Tourism for All (TFA). Not only does working for TFA satisfy her love for travel, her experience and knowledge of travel has also enabled her to accumulate various tips to make traveling a smoother, more enjoyable process for all. 

Tips for Accessible Transportation

If you are traveling by air, communication with airline staff is key, whether it is during the booking of your flight or during your arrival at the airport. You should clarify if the airline is able to carry your wheelchair, and if there is an on-board wheelchair. Another concern to take note of is whether there will be accessible transfer services from the airport to your destination.

You should also prepare additional medicine in the event of flight delays. Your medicine should still follow the travel restrictions, such as being stored in a clear, re-sealable bag, and in containers of less than 100ml each. You are required to have supporting documents from a qualified medial professional and prior approval from the airline if your essential medication is more than 100ml.

If you are traveling by train/rail, check with the train operators when you are booking if you are entitled to discounts or concessions as a traveller with disabilities. For instance, the Disabled Persons Railcard used in Great Britain offers reduced rail fares for you and your companion. If offered by your train operator, you can also book assistance at least 24 hours before your departure so that they provide assistance to you and your luggage.

Accommodation and Local Attractions

When deciding on your accommodation, select those that have been assessed for accessibility. You should also check if they provide any aids or equipment that you may require, such as shower chairs or lifts.

Similarly for dining options, you can often determine accessibility with a quick search online or by contacting the venue. You can also check if they provide menus in a format that is accessible to you.

As for attractions, some may offer concessions to you and your companion. Finding public restrooms might be tricky at times, so check if there are accessible toilets nearby as well.

Ultimately, planning and research are essential in kick-starting your travel vacation. With all these handy tips, you can look forward to having a pleasant trip ahead!

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