Alpaca Trekking In Stirling, Thornhill

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Emma Muldoon, born with spinal muscular atrophy, loves to travel and participate in new activities. For one of her adventures, she wanted to take her nephew to go Alpaca trekking. After doing some research online Emma found the Alpaca Trekking Centre in Stirling, Thornhill located in the United Kingdom.

Emma and group walking with alpacas

“Flanders Moss is a beautiful and very relaxing place anyway but to walk with our alpaca friends was even more so.”

Arriving at the centre, Emma and her family got to meet all of the barn animals. Then, it was off to do some alpaca trekking over to Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve. “We headed for Flanders Moss along the long dusty drive through the most beautiful lush green fields with nothing but countryside in view for miles,” says Emma.

Emma states the whole alpaca trek is wheelchair accessible. However, you may require a little assistance crossing the two cattle guards before reaching Flanders Moss.

Emma and her nephew with alpacas

Emma says the “Alpaca Trekking Centre is a very relaxed, fun and informative experience with people who truly care about the animals and care that you enjoy your time with them. In total, we were there for almost four hours, but it did not feel like that. Time flies when you’re having fun as they say.” She recommends booking a trek in advance as the centre is very popular!

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