Airplane Bathroom Hack

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Airplane bathrooms are small, inconvenient, and they’re most definitely not made for people who use wheelchairs. Joseph, a paraplegic, has his own hack for using the airplane bathroom. 

He boards and has a seat in the back of the plane. Once he needs to use the restroom, he transfers himself onto the floor of the aisle, and walks on his hands to get himself to the restroom door.  Once he’s pushed the door open, he gets through the door, puts up the toilet cover, and uses the arm rest and sink to lift himself up onto the toilet. To get out, he walks again on his hands back to his seat, and then uses the arm rests for leverage to get himself back into his seat.

This by no means excuses the lack of accessible bathrooms on airplanes, but if you have the mobility and strength, this tip might give you the freedom you need. 

Share this video with a paraplegic traveler who might be interested in using the restroom on a plane.

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