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Laurie and her husband Tim went for a vacation to the beautiful country of Mexico. Laurie has spinal muscular atrophy and is a wheelchair user, and she shares her and Tim’s travel experience, from the flight over to Mexico to their last day in paradise. Aboard the flight to Mexico, the pilot assured Laurie to take the time she needs to settle in nicely for her six-hour plane ride. She also took away a little tip from the flight to ensure a more comfortable riding experience for herself in the future.

“I have learned for future trips to have the seat cushion from my wheelchair on the plane making the ride more comfortable."

Leaving the terminal upon departure, the airport staff efficiently returned Laurie’s power wheelchair to her, provided great hospitality by directing them to the luggage arrival, and also guided them to their airport transfer service. The couple traveled with WestJet vacations, which ensured them there was a wheelchair accessible shuttle (booked through Cancun Accessible) to transfer them from the airport to their resort and back.


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Their resort, the Barcelo Caribe, had paved sidewalks all around and medical care facilities. Laurie and Tim stayed in a spacious room that had accessible features like a roll-in shower. As they were staying on the ground floor, there was a patio that Laurie could wheel onto as well.

With theatre shows and a shopping centre, there was plenty for the couple to do on their trip. Laurie reminisces that the “absolute best part of her trip was the people that she met”, who came from all walks of life. She also shared experiences and stories with a lady from France who also has spinal muscular atrophy. 

Laurie and Tim also managed to explore the Cancun airport before their flight home, which offered them plenty of shopping and dining options, and was also wheelchair-accessible. The enjoyable trip the couple had in Mexico prompted them to return the following year!

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