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Accessible playgrounds and parks are becoming more prominent all over the United States. Sunrise Medical states, “Through inclusive playgrounds, children of all abilities are able to play side-by-side. And the inclusivity doesn't stop there—with more accessible features like rubberized surfaces, even parents who use wheelchairs can become more involved in their child's play.”

Sunrise Medical has created a list that features accessible playgrounds all over the United States.

Child (wheelchair user) playing on accessible playground

Here's a few parks and playgrounds from the list:

Alabama - Delano Park 

Riverwild is located in the historic Delano Park. “Riverwild Playground is part park, part culture & botanical garden, and part restoration. Incorporating accessible surfacing and ramps, this playground enables families to play together in a fun, safe, and accessible environment. The splashpad, inspired by Alabama rivers, was built with the mission of accessibility and fun for all children,” says Sunrise Medical.

California - Shane’s Inspiration Griffith Park

Shane's inspiration Park
Photo Credit - City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department

Shane’s Inspiration Playground was built in 2000. The playground was the first Universally Accessible Playground in the western United States and the largest in the nation. Sunrise Medical describes the park as “featuring adaptive swings and multiple whimsical themes, Shane's Inspiration promotes inclusive play among children of all ages and abilities."

Florida - Boundless Adventures Playground 

blueprints of park
Photo Credit - City of North Port

Sunrise Medical describes the park as “located at The Garden of the Five Senses, the Boundless Adventures Playground is a new park that has an emphasis on seating and shade. In addition to special swings, a seesaw, slides, and more, the park also includes soft, rubberized matting.” The park features a unique ride called the Sway Fun Glider that has room for two wheelchairs alongside two benches to ride at the same time.

Kansas - Leawood City Park

Sunrise Medical describes the park as having “adaptive swings, platforms accessible via ramps, a jungle gym, and more, are all accessible via a foam-rubber surface at this new playground.” The park even has a zipline with a special harness for kids of all abilities.

Minnesota - Madison’s Place

Madison's Place
Photo Credit - City of Woodbury

Madison’s Place is built in association with the Madison Claire Foundation. “Madison's Place playground is the Twin Cities' East Metro's first completely handicapped accessible, "inclusive" playground. Designed for children with and without disabilities, this playground encompasses 16,000 square feet of shade-covered play decks, several wheelchair ramps, sensory equipment, swings, a splash pad, and much more,” says Sunrise Medical.

Montana - Silver Summit In Mccormick Park

This park covers 30,000 feet and offers rubberized matting, sensory features, and more. Sunrise Medical states, “The "play mountain" designed to resemble Mount Sentinel features a side of steep climbing for able-bodied children while another side includes a gradual slope accessible via wheelchair or with assistance of ropes and climbing holds.”

New Hampshire - Legacy Playground

Legacy Playground is New Hampshire’s first accessible playground. Sunrise Medical writes, “the playground includes features like the oodle swing, we-saw, integration carousel, and slidewinder (which includes an accessibility ramp).”

New Mexico - A Park Above 

A Park Above entrance
Photo Credit - A Park Above Facebook page

“The goal of this park design was to create an inclusive social play environment,” says Sunrise Medical. The park is located on six acres of land featuring a splash pad, accessible play equipment, multiple shade structures, outdoor musical instruments, adaptive swings, and more.

Texas - Morgan’s Wonderland 

Morgan's Wonderland hand sculpture
Photo Credit - Morgan's Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland is located in San Antonio, Texas. It is the world’s first accessible theme park. “Inclusive for all, this theme park includes more than 25 different rides, playgrounds, and other attractions,” says Sunrise Medical.

Wisconsin - Elver’s Park

Elver Park
Photo Credit - City of Madison

Sunrise Medical states, “Every element in Elver Park services a purpose. From contrasting colors to help the visually impaired, to stepping stones and alligators to help children who can't climb, the equipment at this park is designed to give everyone an equal opportunity to play.” The park also has features like ramps and accessible rubberized mats for wheelchair users.

 Don't see your area on the list? Click here for the full list representing 50 states!


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