Accessible Lodging and Transportation at Graceland

Curated by
Whitney Bailey
Content via Curb Free with Cory Lee
Curb Free with Cory Lee
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Cory Lee is a wheelchair user with spinal muscular atrophy who documents his travel adventures to show other people with disabilities all the possibilities the world has to offer. He recently went to Memphis, Tennessee for a holiday getaway. Cory and his mom visited Graceland and stayed in the Guest House located next door.

Accessible Room and Bathroom

picture of hotel room with two beds

Cory admits that he gets nervous before entering hotel rooms wondering if the room is going to fit his accessibility needs. To Cory’s surprise, The Guest House proved to be exactly what he needed - complete with two beds, a roll under desk, flat screen tv, full length mirror, and a picture of Elvis Presley. Cory says that the beds were some of the lowest he has seen in hotel rooms. However, they might still be too high for an independent transfer. If you use a hoyer lift, there probably is not enough space for it to roll underneath the bed.

Picture of roll in shower

The bathroom included a pull under sink, a toilet with grab bars, and a roll in shower. A fold down seat was positioned next to the handheld shower head.


picture of graceland accessible bus with cory on lift

Graceland offers a wheelchair accessible bus for the visitors of The Guest House to visit the home of Elvis Presley. Cory advises to call and reserve the bus at least 30 minutes in advance. He states the bus had a working lift and he was dropped off right in front of the ticketing office. After Cory completed the tour of Graceland, he called the bus company and was picked up in a matter of minutes.

Cory goes into more depth about other places to eat and visit close to Graceland in his original post so be sure to check it out!

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