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Curb Free with Cory Lee

The Blue Lagoon, one of the 25 wonders of the world, is a geothermal spa which can reach up to 110° Fahrenheit, and the water is claimed to have healing and regenerative effects on the body.


a man floating on a pool noodle in the Blue Lagoon

Cory is an avid wheelchair traveler, and the Blue Lagoon has provided him with many pleasant surprises in terms of the accessibility it affords. He initially sourced his information online and via email with the staff, who were helpful towards his inquiry. Upon arrival, he realized that “it was even more accessible than [he] expected.”

Showering before entering the lagoon is a must, and there are three separate changing rooms with showers – for men, women, and a private room for wheelchair users. The wheelchair-accessible changing room is indeed spacious and provides a roll-in shower and a shower chair. Cory also noticed a rolling shower chair and a spare massage table in the adjacent room and used the table to help himself get dressed. However, he is unsure if the table will always be there or if he was simply lucky to have chanced upon it, but he recommends requesting it in advance if you do need one.

Access lift to the lagoon

Next came the entering of the lagoon, which he was initially apprehensive about. He worried about getting up and down the steps to enter the water. But he soon found out that there are two methods to do so! The first is by using the rolling shower chair down a ramp, and the other is with an access lift that is located indoors. The latter method is slightly more complicated. While the staff were “a bit confused” on how to use it initially due to the minimal usage, they were very patient and helpful, and they eventually figured it out. The process included placing a sling under Cory that crisscrossed under his legs, lifting him up and into the water. The lagoon also provides Styrofoam pool noodles as floating devices.

Personal belongings are stored in the changing room lockers, and you will simply wear a wristband that is scanned to open the locker or when you make a purchase. Cash/card payment will only be done when you are exiting the lagoon.

With all that accessibility down pat, Cory could then focus on enjoying himself at the lagoon. Although the lagoon offers free silica mud for the skin, Cory wanted a full experience at the Blue Lagoon and treated himself to an incredible facial session – the Men’s Facial Boost. There are other spa and facial packages offered at the lagoon as well.

“If you are looking for the ultimate Blue Lagoon experience, consider sparing no expense and treating yourself to a spa day." 

There are a few dining spots in the Blue Lagoon if you are feeling peckish after the long day of relaxation. There is the Blue Café for you to grab a quick bite, or you may consider the Lava Restaurant if you are looking for something more fancy, which Cory recommends. He advises you to make reservations to avoid disappointments. The food was so delicious that it quickly became “one of [his] favorite meals in Iceland.”

Considering accommodations

The Blue Lagoon is located just about 15 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport, and around 45 minutes from Reykjavik’s city center. If you are looking to stay in the city, Cory recommends the Kvosin Downtown Hotel. You can then book a wheelchair-accessible tour provided by certain companies to the Blue Lagoon, or you can travel down to the lagoon yourself by car.

Another option would be to stay at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel, which is the only hotel run by the lagoon itself. There are only 15 rooms available, hence an early reservation is necessary. However, in 2017, another hotel will start operating as well. Staying at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel also offers you free entry to the Blue Lagoon. It is about one kilometer away from the lagoon through a straight route. However, do take note that it is a graveled path, and that may cause more difficulty for wheelchairs, but “doable for powered chairs.” Otherwise, you may decide to roll on the main road, like Cory did, but be extra cautious to look out for traffic if you do so.

Room-wise, the hotel does provide an accessible room with amenities such as a roll-in shower, a shower chair, and grab bars. You also have a scenic backdrop against the room. Complimentary breakfast is offered in the hotel as well, with a good selection to fill your stomach. The hotel has its own private lagoon, too, but there is no ramp nor access lift like the Blue Lagoon.

All in all, the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination among tourists, and with its amazing service and facilities, it’s not surprising why it is so. It is well accessible for all, and you can let go of your worries and concerns and peacefully rest your head in the relaxing waters.

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