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“Recently I took the trip of a lifetime through the beautiful state of Alaska,” shares Kara, an avid traveler and wheelchair user. Kara and her good friend Lisa took an Alaskan cruise, and luckily, Kara documented their entire trip.

As soon as they boarded, Kara and Lisa were excited to see their stateroom because even though Kara had cruised many times prior, this was the first time she got a balcony room!

“One reason why I love cruises is that I find it very wheelchair accessible from the cabin itself with its large bathroom, automatic door opener and a very spacious balcony that we had in addition to access with much of the ship.”

Kara and Lisa’s first excursion was a whale watching trip in Juneau. After disembarking the cruise ship, Kara rode a “massive tour bus … that had a wheelchair lift on it and comfortable seats inside.” After the bus ride, Kara boarded the tour boat with assistance from the crew. Kara uses a manual wheelchair, and noted that the crew had no trouble assisting her on board; however, she says that power chairs likely would not have been able to so easily make it aboard the boat, perhaps not at all. Kara admits that’s something the tour company “needs to work on so all can be a part of this tour.”

a woman in a manual wheelchair on the deck of a cruise ship

For the second excursion, Kara and Lisa split up with Lisa opting for a dog sled trip (something Kara had experienced several years earlier), and Kara catching a train ride from Skagway, Alaska up to the Canadian border where she says “the view was like being on another planet.”

The next day, Kara and Lisa spent the day on the boat, taking in the view of Glacier Bay from their balcony! And the rest of their trip was filled with shopping, shows, and wheelchair accessible taxis taking them where they needed to go.

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