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Planning your once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation can be stressful enough, but sometimes all the planning in the world can be undone when you arrive at your destination and find it is not accessible for your needs. Perhaps the room is accessible, if only you could get up the steps leading to the hotel. Or maybe everything is fine, but you just don’t feel like you’re really welcome.

Responsible Travel​ recently announced the winners of their World Response Tourism Award, a global search for the most accessible accommodations around the world. So are you ready to plan your next dream vacation? Consider these winners of the award:

Safari Adventure

Endeavour Safaris has especially adapted mobile tented camps that not only give you the chance to go on on safari in Botswana, Zambia, or South Africa, it will also take you to remote spots where you can sleep under the stars after a day on safari. This adventure ensures that the vacation can be enjoyed by nearly everyone no matter their mobility needs.

Hotel Getaways

If hotels are more your speed, Scandic Hotels, a chain of accommodations across Scandinavia and other parts of Europe are a great choice. The sleek Scandinavian designs are ready for all travelers to enjoy. Guests are simply just guests here, it is that inclusive. Additionally, there is a wealth of information available for each hotel covering such things as how wide the bathroom door is, whether hearing loops are available in the lobby, or whether voice announcements can be heard in the lift.

accessible hotel room accommodations

The RuralSuite Hotel Apartments in Navarre, Spain, strives to provide a sense of adventure and discovery for all patrons. These beautiful apartments go beyond the minimum requirements for accessibility. In addition to catering to travelers’ needs, the hotel also offers fully adapted on-site activities, such as quad-biking or horseback riding around the grounds.

These are just a few of the accommodations around the world going above and beyond the need to address accessibility issues. Have you had a dream vacation that catered to your every need? If so, let us know, and you could be featured on AbleThrive!

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