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Thomas is a young traveler who loves to write about his journeys abroad. His brother Tyler is a wheelchair user, and together with their family, they visited Rome, Italy. Here are some of Thomas’ insights into the accessibility around the ancient city.


a view of the colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum was Thomas and Tyler’s number one attraction to visit while in Rome, and it’s completely wheelchair accessible! “When you enter the Colosseum, skip the line and head straight to the ticket counter. People in wheelchairs and one other person assisting them pay no entrance fee,” writes Thomas. There is an elevator located down the main corridor that will take you to different levels of the building. While the Colosseum itself is accessible, Thomas warns that the cobblestones on the street outside the structure are quite bumpy.

Next up was the Vatican and Sistine Chapel where the brothers and their family opted for a guided tour. Like the Colosseum, there is an entrance for wheelchair users who can enter for free (plus one other person). Once inside, there are elevators and accessible restrooms available. The tour that Thomas and Tyler took started in the Vatican museum and ended at the Sistine Chapel. Most of the tour was accessible.

St. Peter’s Basilica (located next to the Sistine Chapel) has a ramp at the entrance, and once inside is quite accessible. Wheelchair users can even enjoy a trip to the roof where Thomas says you can find “lots of shade, a nice breeze and large wheelchair accessible bathrooms.”

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