Accessibility of Myeongdong Street

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Catherine and Kunho navigate Myeongdong Street in Seoul, South Korea with their tour guides Yelim and Hann. Myeongdong Street is known for its food, cosmetics, fashion, and shopping.

screenshot of where bathrooms are ocated on myeongdong street

Kunho is a wheelchair user. He states that wheelchair users should not have a problem getting around Myeongdong Street because of the widely paved roads. Kunho provides a screenshot in his video of all the accessible bathrooms located on Myeongdong Street.

The group checked out all of the various street food located on Myeongdong Street. The cuisine consisted of grilled octopus, cotton candy, curly potato fries on a stick and more.

The next stop was Myeongdong Cathedral - the oldest Catholic church in Korea. Kunho states that wheelchair users may require assistance pushing up the northern end of the street located by the cathedral because it is quite steep. The cathedral was renovated to include an elevator so be on the lookout when visiting the cathedral. At the end of the video, Kunho gives a detailed description of where the elevator is located.

If you enjoy a busy yet entertaining atmosphere with a historic touch Myeongdong Street is definitely a place to visit!

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