Accessibility Insights On European Destinations

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Following his third trip to Europe, world traveler and wheelchair user Joseph Visaggi put together a 14 minute video of all the accessible (and not so accessible) places he encountered during his six-country European tour. The video, which is made up of still images (many with informative text), showcases all the sights of Joseph’s trip.

Here’s a breakdown of where you can find photos of each country in the video:

00:21 FRANCE – See a ramp to an accessible bridge that overlooks the serene Moselle River (at 00:36).

01:00 GERMANY – Take a look at the accessible bathroom in the hotel where Joseph stayed in Munich (at 01:34).

02:41 AUSTRIA – See the long, cobblestone-laden path to the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna (at 02:56).

04:33 SLOVAKIA – Check out several images of Linos, an affordable and accessible restaurant in Bratislava (at 04:46).

05:22 AUSTRIA (again) – This time see several photos inside the Hofburg Palace including an accessible elevator and portable ramps Joseph used during a tour (starting at 06:15).

09:20 LIECHTENSTEIN – Check out accessible telephone booths – or as Joseph calls them, “Superman changing rooms” (at 09:42).

10:05 SWITZERLAND – Taken in Basel, see a six-level parking garage with elevator access to only five levels (at 10:32).

11:14 FRANCE (again) – Check out a photo of an accessible restroom at a casino in Amneville (at 11:58).

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