Accessibility Around Gwanghwamun Square, Korea

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If you’ve ever wondered about wheelchair accessibility around Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, Korea, let Catherine and Kunho be your guides. Both Catherine and Kunho were born in Korea, but they grew up elsewhere. Now they are back and are exploring the sights of Gwanghwamun district.

Catherine and Kunho are exploring the Square during Children’s Day which is celebrated in May.

“There were so many families and things happening at the square. Concerts, performances, festivals, just about anything you can imagine.”

Kunho is a wheelchair user, and Gwanghwamun Square is a huge open space, making it easy for him to get around. The Square offers a fantastic view of the Kyungbok Palace, the most famous palace in Seoul. There’s also magnificent statues of Admiral Lee Soon Shin and King Sejong.

As far as accessibility goes, you can expect to find the following at Gwanghwamun Square: lots of sidewalks with curb cuts and two accessible public restrooms: one is located inside the big tunnel Haechi Mandang behind the statue of Admiral Lee Soon Shin; the other is in the King Sejong Story museum located just behind the statue of King Sejong (accessible by elevator).

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