5 Reasons Barcelona Is Worth A Trip

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“Travel as a wheelchair user is never straightforward, but this summer I came to the conclusion that Barcelona is probably the easiest and most accessible place in Europe that I have traveled to."

Srin Madipalli is a veteran wheelchair traveler and he has 5 reasons why Barcelona is worth a trip:

1. Stay in an adapted apartment

“MIC Sant Jordi is a block of beautifully adapted accessible apartments near the city centre of Barcelona,” Srin shares. “All apartments have roll-in showers, electric doors and profiling beds, with options for 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. The block also has hoists and shower chairs that are available for guests.”

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2. the Metro is wheelchair accessible (mostly)

“I’ve never been to a European city where I was able to use the majority of the metro system and didn’t have to bother with finding adapted taxis or hire cars, which is always difficult,” Srin explains.

Just be careful that you get on the right carriage of the train so that you have minimal gap with the platform when you exit.

3. Getting around the city is smooth

“In many ancient cities, cobblestones, old roads and other related physical impediments can make driving your wheelchair very uncomfortable,” Srin cautions. “However, in Barcelona, even in the Gothic Quarter, the pavements had been smoothed out, which meant that I could admire the city’s beautiful architecture without my head bouncing up and down!”

4. They’ve been working on inclusion

Srin found that most of the curbs had a drop down and were smooth and all the bus routes had buses with ramps. Even the beach is optimized for accessibility with a wooden board to get closer to the sea. The Catalan Tourism Board (who Srin’s friend Martyn traveled with before) have a guide to accessible Barcelona for extra advice.

5. You will eat well 

“As a food lover, I really enjoyed the mix and options of places to eat,” Srin shares. “During my time there, I was able to try a wide variety of things ranging from traditional Catalan cuisine to good old style American barbeques!”

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