4 Ways To Board A Plane As A Paraplegic

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Wheelchair users Joseph, Marcela, Maxime and Delphine demonstrate four ways paraplegics board an airplane.

In the first video, watch as Joseph transfers from his wheelchair to an aisle chair provided by the airline. He is then rolled down the gangway and into the plane, where he is escorted to his seat near the back of the plane. He picks a seat near the back of the plane for access to the bathroom, which he uses on his own.

In the second video, Marcela wheels herself down the gangway and into the plane in her own chair. She then transfers from her chair directly into the first seat in economy class (also known as the bulkhead row).

In the third demonstration, Maxime transfers independently into the aisle chair and is then buckled in by airport staff before being taken onto the plane. Note that he keeps his cushion with him rather than leaving it with his wheelchair, a great tip!

Last but not least, Delphine also transfers independently to the aisle chair and is buckled in by the staff. She’s wheeled onto the plane backwards to her seat. Once at her row, she moves the arm rest and transfers into her seat.

If you are planning to travel by airplane, be sure to contact the airline to communicate your boarding needs!

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