4 Tips For Turning Your Travel Dream Into A Reality

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Martyn Sibley is encouraging wheelchair users to travel the globe.

Here are 4 tips for wheelchair traveling:

1. Destination First: Martyn’s first independent trip was to Australia. And before that, his parents traveled with him to Disney World in Florida. Martyn says those first couple trips taught him to look beyond the basic needs of traveling with a disability. “My biggest advice, therefore, is to essentially plan your travels first on where you want to go, not what your needs are, and then work from there.”

2. List of Essentials: You’ve decided where to go, now make a list of “what you need to know and what you need to do. Don’t rush it. Maybe do a task a day, and only book it when you’re feeling strong and ready.” Finding an accessible hotel and equipment for rent at his destination are at the top of Martyn’s list.

3. Keep an Open Mind: Once you’ve got everything in order, Martyn says to go for it! But practicality plays a big part in his travels, and he shares that things can and likely will go wrong at some point in your travels. “It’s important to remember that with calm thinking and communication with the right people, there is always a solution,” he writes.


man in a power wheelchair on a boat with another man

Once You Start, Don’t Stop: What’s important is that you don’t let a bump in the road derail you from pursuing your next adventure. If you’re a novice traveler, Martyn suggests starting with an overnight stay in a nearby city and working your way up from there. Martyn’s perseverance and adventurous spirit have allowed him to do things like pilot an aeroplane, scuba dive, and float in a hot air balloon.

“This is my adventuring way,” he shares. “It is also a powerful way of showing the world what is possible.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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