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4 Accesssible Winter Destinations Around The World

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“Planning a winter getaway is always extremely fun. That is, it’s extremely fun right up until the point when you realize that your destination is not quite as accessible as you thought it was when you booked it.” Take it from Cory Lee, a world traveler and wheelchair user.

Narrow down your best choices for winter accessible destinations

Vancouver, BC:

You can expect to find a good amount of accessible accommodations including curb cuts, audible crosswalk signals, accessible taxis, and public buses with ramps. In Addition, Vancouver has “expanded the accessibility of their parks, as well as other types of recreation programs,” shares Cory. Or if you want something a little different, you can check out Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports program for some snow boarding and snow skiing.

Vienna, Austria:

If you’re thinking that the cobblestones will be too much for a wheelchair to handle, Cory says otherwise:

“Most of the streets are much smoother than any sort of cobblestone road you would have to navigate in Italy or France for example"

And one of the best things about this city is that it was designed with pedestrians in mind, so there really aren’t any sidewalks or curbs to contend with. Do be warned though, that you may experience some accessibility issues with older restaurants whose structures haven’t been modernized, though Cory says that the people of Vienna are often willing to help out if needed!

Utah, USA: 

If skiing is on your winter agenda, the National Ability Center is based in Park City, Utah and “specializes in adaptive sports, recreation, and even educational programs,” says Cory. Even the airports in Utah cater to wheelchair users.

“Utah ranks as one of the top places in the world when it comes to accessible ski resort destinations. This is partially due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, but mostly due to the fact that people there really value you as an individual.”

Harbin, China:

If you want to experience the wonders of the ice sculptures, Ice Festival is held there every year. Book your trip in early February since the ice will begin to melt a few weeks after that. And also plan on taking your own wheelchair, as rentals are not available.

“The Ice Festival is like nothing else you have ever seen. In addition, you can enjoy your time in the city too, as there are plenty of great dining options and hotel accommodations to be had.”

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