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11 Tips For Navigating London In A Wheelchair

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Enjoying London as a wheelchair-user comes with its own set of challenges. Blogger Vicky Kuhn shares her tips for navigating London in a wheelchair “without losing the will to live.”

1. Avoid the Tube

Considering not all Tube stops are accessible, Vicky shares that “the chances of the one you are leaving from and the one you are headed to being fully accessible is very slim.”

2. Plan ahead

Knowing how to go where you’re going and how long it will take is very helpful.

3. Give yourself extra time 

Even if you’ve followed step #2, take other factors like traffic into account so you have extra time.

4. Know the bus routes

Not only is it cheap, but it’s accessible. “Each is equipped with a hydraulic ramp that the driver extends out of the back door and which will lead you snugly into the designated wheelchair space on the bus,” Vicky shares.

5. Bring travel buddies 

“I love my independence but find that if I am alone, things like talking to bus drivers and opening doors can be really difficult,” Vicky shares.

6. Call ahead for information 

If you’ve never been someone, find out from someone on the phone what they mean by the word “accessible”.

7. Use a map or an app

“If I need to change plans or make other travel decisions, I always consult my phone,” Vicky shares. It will help you out in case of an unexpected change.

8. Look out for black cabs

“All of London’s black cabs have to be fitted with a wheelchair ramp and so can transport disabled passengers,” Vicky shares. Other companies may not be so accessible.

9. Recalculate timing

“When there is ‘walking’ factored into your journey, remember it may take you up to twice as long as your map or app suggests,” Vicky shares. She’s experienced what it takes to find the right curbs and safe crossings, and it’s not as easy as she’d like.

10. Come prepared

“Make sure you have everything with you that you really can’t leave home without, and I don’t mean your lime green Prada bag and Jackie O sunglasses,” Vicky shares.

11. Ask for help

“Contrary to many of the myths perpetuated about London folk, most are very friendly,” she shares. She’s had great experiences asking for help when she needed it.

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