10 Tips For An Accessible Caribbean vacation

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Planning a wheelchair accessible Caribbean vacation is easier than you may think! If you’ve ever wanted to take in the tropical locales offered by the Caribbean, a cruise is a great way to go if you ask Cory Lee, an experienced traveler. 

“I’ve long said that cruising is the best way to travel as a wheelchair user because it allows you to see many destinations without having to transfer in and out of a plane."

Plus, many cruise ships are equipped with amenities such as roomy cabins with roll-in showers and pool lifts. And many on-shore locations offer wheelchair accessible buses, ramps that allow beach access, and even aquatic wheelchairs for rent.


Man in power wheelchair with woman standing next to him

If staying at a hotel during your tropical getaway is more your style, Holiday Hypermarket suggests doing research on your Caribbean destination during the planning phase of your trip: “Before you decide on what you’ll be doing, check out which islands offer the best disabled provisions. Those which belong to America, such as the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and Puerto Rico are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), therefore you can rely on hotels with suitable bathrooms and wide doorframes. … Other destinations such as Aruba, Barbados and Jamaica have all been commended for their disability awareness.”

During his vacation to the island of St. Maarten, Cory and his traveling companion embarked on a wheelchair accessible van tour that explored both the Dutch and French sides of the island. “Even though our wheelchair accessible tour was rather costly, I thought that it was worth every penny and I am very happy that we did it,” writes Cory.

What is your experience with accessibility either on a cruise or at a tropical destination? Share your adventures, and you might be featured on AbleThrive!

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