10 Accessible Destinations Around The Globe

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More and more of the world opens up to wheelchair users every year thanks to destinations who incorporate accessibility into their surroundings. 

Ten incredible wheelchair travel destinations:

  1. Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Here you can not only enjoy adaptive snorkeling, but you can also explore wheelchair accessible Mayan archaeological sites Chichén Itzá and Tulum.
    temple ruins
  2. Barcelona, Spain – “With 80% of the metro stations and 100% of buses wheelchair-accessible, as well as a relatively flat and cobblestone-free old city, getting around is a breeze.” Plus, many tourist sites allow wheelchair users to jump to the front of the line, and some offer free admission.
  3. Galápagos and Amazonia, Ecuador – “Lenín Moreno, paraplegic vice president of Ecuador (2006-13) and Nobel Peace Prize nominee did amazing work to improve the lives of disabled people throughout his country,” including building inroads to previously inaccessible areas.
  4. Sicily, Italy – This city lists the following activities as accessible: scuba diving, four-wheel off road driving, traditional Scicilian fishing, and olive oil making!
  5. Manchester, UK – “Much of central Manchester was rebuilt in the late 1990s, making smooth, wide, step-free pavements, as well as stepless entry into shops, restaurants and bars the norm – ideal for anyone with mobility requirements. ”
  6. Melbourne, Australia – As one of the most accessible cities in the world, Melbourne offers countless restaurants as well as zoos and parks all with access for wheelchair users. 
    melbourne skyline
  7. Ljubljana, Slovenia – A city with accessible electric vehicles and a bus network that offers audio and video stop announcements is one you won’t want to miss. You can also access famous bridges, like the Butchers’ Bridge, via wheelchair.
  8. Singapore – “Singapore has to be the most accessible city in Asia and one of the most accessible cities in the world.” With numerous stepless entries into buildings combined with accessible mass rail transit (MRT) and bus systems, this Asian city-state is certainly a wheelchair-friendly place to visit. And don’t forget to make a stop at the Singapore Zoo!
  9. San Diego, California, USA – San Diego’s year-round balmy weather, make it a great place to spend time outdoors. Here you’ll find a fully accessible trolley/tram system to take you where you want to go. And if the beach is your destination, you’ll find beach wheelchairs readily available to rent!
  10. Vienna, Austria – Much of this historic city has been refurbished with flat streets and accessible public transportation, and “most museums and places of interest are fully accessible, including the must-see Schloss Schönbrunn.”

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